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Supreme Court Weighs In On Whistleblowing - How Does It Impact All Employers?

TSA air marshal leaks security information to the press when safety concerns are ignored internally. Read about the Court's opinion and its possible impact on all employers. Read More

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EEOC sues a bank employer for failing to accommodate a visual impairment. New research shows why the undue hardship defense to accommodating is losing effectiveness. Read More

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Purple Decision Creates New Gray Areas For Employee Communications: Recent NLRB Ruling Challenges Employers

In Purple Communications, Inc., NLRB rules employees on nonworking time can use employer's email to communicate about work conditions. What now? Read More

Are Your Drug Policies Up To The Challenge Of More Marijuana Use By Employees?

Marijuana legalization means workers are using more. How do workplace drug testing policies deal with legalized pot? Read More

Employees Are Prepared To Request Raises. How Will You Respond?

Employees are usually well prepared to argue their cases for raises. Are you prepared to respond? Read More