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Wearables: A Novelty For Our Readers, But What Are The Risks?

We wanted to know from our readers if anyone at their workplaces uses wearable technology. Read on to learn their answers and if this technology can create a liability risk. Read More

Malware On Mobile Devices Increasing: How Can You Stop It?

In 2014, malware on mobile devices increased 25 percent. Learn why data thieves are targeting your mobile device. Read More

EEOC Issues New Guide On Recruiting And Hiring People With Disabilities

EEOC and other federal agencies release an employer guide on how to recruit and hire people with disabilities. Read more about the guide and where you can find it. Read More

Recent Articles

70 Percent Of Employers Are Not Compliant With FLSA Regs: Are You? What If You Aren't?

Noncompliance with the FLSA prompts an onslaught of litigation by the DOL and trial attorneys. Learn about your best defense and a checklist of questions to ask yourself. Read More

"Wear Shorter Skirts" And Other Over-The-Line Performance Review Advice

During a performance review, a CEO allegedly suggested an employee should wear shorter skirts. We want to know your stories about over-the-line performance review requests. Read More

Is Coming To The Workplace An Essential Function Of The Job?

The Sixth Circuit rules against the EEOC and finds that coming to work is an essential function of most jobs. Jack McCalmon examines how this ruling affects employers. Read More