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Anatomy Of A Ransomware Attack

Hackers hit a Maine police department with ransomware. What did the police do? Paid the ransom in bitcoin. We examine what happened, why they had to pay, and how to avoid the risk. Read More

General Releases: Do They Work For Wage And Hour Claims?

Wage and hour claims are still surging. What can employers do to try to settle before litigation, and what should they watch out for? Read More

Our Readers Let Us Know If Being Older Matters When Looking For A Job

We asked our readers if being older is a negative when looking for work. The answer may not surprise you, but the numbers may. Read More

Recent Articles

A Way To Address Employee Safety Complaints And Limit Your Whistleblower Exposure

An employee is awarded damages for blowing the whistle on safety complaints. How do you address everyday safety complaints so they don't turn into litigation? We examine the risk and provide an easy solution. Read More

Globetrotter Sexual Harassment: When Do Bad Words Rise To The Level Of Illegality?

The Harlem Globetrotters team is sued for sexual harassment. We examine the facts and ask your opinion. Read More

Are Rude Grumblings Protected Workplace Speech?

Think you can fire employees for negative speech, like social media rants about your organization? Leslie Zieren, Esq. discusses why you should think twice before firing rude grumblers. Read More