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Supreme Court Rules On Whether Security Screening Is Compensable Time

Workers screened to prevent loss of inventory won't be paid for time spent in security screening lines. Read about the significant economic impact of the Court's ruling. Read More

Affinity Bias - Normal Human Behavior Or Discrimination?

New study shows people want to surround themselves with people who are like them. Is this just normal human behavior or a discrimination risk? Read More

When Sensitivity Training Goes Insensitive - How Training Meant To Lower Risk Increased It

Employers must monitor what message trainers give to employees. Learn how one sensitivity training led to claims of insensitivity and what you can do to avoid this. Read More

Recent Articles

Battling Cyber Threats - A Top Priority For Employers

One industry CEO commits to increased funding for cybersecurity. Read what all organizations need to know to protect their systems from attack. Read More

He's Makin' a List, Checkin' it Twice, But Have You Made Your List?

It's time to hang up the holly, toss back some eggnog, and take stock of your best practices. Up-to-date or woefully inadequate? Leslie Zieren, Esq. makes a year-end list for employers. Read More

Attitude Matters - How To Retain Positive Employees

This is the third and last segment of Jack McCalmon's series on attitude and how you can transform your workplace into a positive place for you and your employees. Read More