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Readers Say Workplace Bullying Impacts Other Relationships.

When asked the question "Do You Believe that Workplace Bullying Impacts Other Relationships?" readers responded as follows:
  • Yes (91%)
  • No (0%)
  • Maybe (9%)

Commentary and Checklist

The resounding "Yes" demonstrates that the impact of workplace bullying is not limited. It can affect other relationships at work and at home.

The results of the poll indicate another reason for employers to put an end to bullying in the workplace. When family and other relationships bullied employees have are affected, employees' morale and productivity will suffer, and your organization may lose them to another job opportunity.

Bullying can occur in any organization. Do you know a bully when you see one in action? According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, here are some common bullying tactics:
  • Falsely accusing someone of "errors" not actually made
  • Staring, glaring and other nonverbal intimidating hostile communication
  • Discounting a person's thoughts and feelings in meetings
  • Using the "silent treatment"
  • Disregarding satisfactory or exemplary quality of work
  • Harsh and constant criticism with a different standard for the targeted person
  • Starting or failing to stop destructive rumors about the targeted person
  • Encouraging others to turn against the targeted person
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