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Readers Say Most Employers Allow Personal Mobile Devices

We recently asked our readers, "Does Your Organization Permit Employees to BYOD?" According to the poll, only 17 percent of employers do not allow employees' mobile devices at work.

Here are the specific responses:
  • Yes, employees can have their own devices, but not use them for work. (24%)
  • Yes, employees can bring their own devices and use them for work. (54%)
  • No, employee devices are not permitted at work. (17%)
  • Don't Know. (5%)

The important statistic for employers is that over half (54 percent) of employers not only allow employees to bring their own devices to work, but also allow or require them to use their own devices for work purposes.

This workplace trend brings challenges for employers – confidentiality, liability, harassment, social networking, email and file-sharing are all areas of potential risk.

This Site offers a model policy titled Equipment, Internet and Network Usage. To see if you have access to this policy, log on and go to Knowledge Vault and then Model Policies. Developing a policy tailored to your organization's needs is critical.
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