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How An EEOC Employee Stole Thousands Using Gift Cards Aimed At Stopping Stealing

An employee goes to Disneyland and buys luxury purses using cards meant to stop contractors from stealing. We examine how the scam was pulled off. Read More

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Trying To Do Right Leads To A Title VII Wrong? Title VII's Gender Protections Apply To Males, Too.

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Time To Be Paranoid About Data Breaches? If You Have Employee Files, Here's The Answer

Recent hacks into government files prove hackers, including foreign governments, want your employee data. Jack McCalmon shows how you can be less of a target. Read More

Is Porn On A Work Computer Automatic Termination?

Police chief claims he was fired because of retaliation, although pornography was found on his work computer. Let us know your opinion about whether pornography should be grounds for automatic termination. Read More