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The Fraudster In The Office Next Door

A new study researches fraud, reveals the numbers, and profiles commits the crime. We examine the employment practices risk. Read More

Malware Is Surging: How Can Employers Avoid Being Swamped?

A new report claims malware has attacked nearly 50 percent of organizations, and this trend is expected to grow. What are the real risks? Read More

Training Discrimination: A Multi-Million Dollar Liability

The EEOC settles with a trucking company for gender discrimination in hiring. We examine how one employer made a $3.1 million mistake. Read More

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Business Necessity Or Language Discrimination? Why Managers Matter On The Issue

A retail food establishment is under fire for its English-only policy. Kirstin Heffner explains how these policies might affect managers and supervisors. Read More

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Last week, President Obama signed new legislation into law, which affects employers and their trade secret confidentiality agreements. Leslie Zieren examines. Read More

Clocking In: How Managers Tell Ex-Exempt Workers They Must Now Track Their Time

Before December 1, 2016, employers will have to tell approximately 4.2 million workers to track their time. Jack McCalmon explains how managers should respond. Read More