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March Madness Is Here: How Long Will Your Employees Be Distracted?

Jack McCalmon

March Madness season can have its benefits, even if employees are not completely focused on productivity. Jack McCalmon shares his thoughts. Read more...


A Bank Secrecy Act Violation Leads To A $36 Million Penalty And D & O Exposure


A California bank pays dearly for processing illicit funds and then covering it up. Learn about the BSA and the D & O liability exposure from it. Read more...


Vendor Fraud: Steps For Preventing It From Happening To Your Organization


Vendor fraud is a common form of embezzlement that can lead to significant losses. Learn the best ways to prevent vendor fraud. Read more...


Refusing To Play Spin The Bottle: Harassment or Insubordination? You Make The Call


An employee sues because he was allegedly fired for refusing to play "spin the bottle". Is this insubordination or harassment? You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...


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