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How Sexual Harassment Is Affecting Pension Funds And Board Governance


A board is sued for covering up alleged sexual misconduct by a CEO, resulting in company stock values declining, which affected pension funds. Read more...


Sexual Harassment Or Sexual Harassment Investigations: Which Is The Greater Risk? You Make The Call


An employer is sued for how the investigation of a sexual harassment complaint was conducted. Which risk is worse? You make the call. Read more...


Ask Leslie: How Long Should I Keep Payroll/Time Records?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. how long to maintain payroll and time cards. Learn about the best practices. Read more...


Cyber-Enabled Financial Fraud: The Online Social Engineering Scheme That Puts Employers At Risk


BEC fraudsters stole thousands of dollars from organizations. Learn how to protect your organization from cyber-enabled financial fraud. Read more...


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Joint-Employer: The NLRB Proposes A New Definition

Under an NLRB proposal, employers would be joint-employers only if they exercise "direct and immediate" control over the terms of employment. Leslie Zieren, Esq. examines the issue. Read More

When Reasonable Accommodations Are Easy: Don't Make Them Hard

The EEOC sued an employer that refused to accommodate an employee's need to sit, rather than stand, at the front desk. How can managers help their employers avoid discrimination liability? Read More

The Executive Risk Of Investing Or Purchasing A Rotten Company Culture: The Need For Ethics Due Diligence

Fraud and bad corporate culture pose dangers for investments and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Learn from two examples of due diligence misses. Read More